Hoarding or Hobbies ?

Ah new hobbies are always nice. They give you something else to get caught up in that isn’t a job! I’ve definitely been channeling my inner “hoarder” lately. In the last couple month my efforts in growing my “thrifting” for the world to see has been so much fun. Loving a good deal is one thing, but taking the time to hunt for it is another. In a world where “getting it now” is the mind-set, I’m the complete opposite. I will see whatever it is I am contemplating buying and see the price and walk away.. Yes its right there, but if the price isn’t right, then nope nada, ill wait till it is! BUT this method has never failed me. Of course I’ve walked out of a store and thought all day I should have bought that end table, or that hutch, etc.. Although like I said it never fails that I will come across the same if not better piece, cheaper after I waited for a sale, or found it somewhere else.

Any who – all this to get “you” to understand that you can save money, and have what you “want.” Whether it was that dream dining room table, or that RE-DONK-ULOUSLY expensive bag. Almost everything in our house-hold was someone else’s. Personally I love that, it gives life to some antiques that still had life and uniqueness to bring into our home! I think my favorite part of finding old pieces was imagining what the previous owner felt finding, or buying this. As a person who also loves history, I have squealed in my local Habitat for Humanity Restore when finding a trunk that was used in WWII. This trunk went with someone, it saw things, it carried supplies which supplied our Military Men and Women. This trunk was in the home of the Veteran that carried it, and I so graciously found it after he had passed that his valuables were donated! I mean that just gets me every time! Each piece is worth the hunt, even if it looks old and dinged up. A touch of paint and a little sanding can make all the difference and bring that lovely piece back to life!

Now on the clothes side of things I’ve learned this. Everything has a price. We as consumers are the ones who actually decide what it’s worth. For example there are plenty of brands I love, but would never pay full price for. Why? Because you can always find it, for less! I’ve always loved fashion, I’m a shoe queen and I truly don’t think I would even own five pairs of shoes if I had paid full price. So ladies and gents too, RESALE is the way to go. I would be happy to help hunt, online or in retail for people who don’t have the time, or the eye for what it is they want.

I hope all my “thrifters” enjoy the weekend and its full of yard sales and good deals!!

P.s. follow my new Instagram for weekly thrifting finds! @linnysclosetfinds_



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