Thrill of the hunt

Hello again,

Well this is going well I think. I guess its normal to go through-out your day thinking, “oh this is something I can mention in my next blurb.” As a busy-bee I’m enjoying having a place that forces me to sit and gather my thoughts. This week starts a hectic time of year. I haven’t mentioned my Father and I are running his restaurant together! We’ve had 5 catering’s already this week (it’s Thursday).. Christmas time= Holiday parties!! Any who, this time with you all is just relaxing. As I’ve started this blog I’ve put a desk in our bedroom for my computer. Of course that leads to a shopping trip, yesterday I went out searching for another piece of “vintage meets shabby-chic”.

If you all haven’t visited your local Habitat for Humanity, I urge you to! Not only is hunting for your classic pieces lovely, once you find them its exhilarating! I’ve come to terms that our home is filled with little bits of  “timeless” past combined to make that “homey experience” real. For example: almost every piece of furniture and/or decor was someone else’s. Ive never needed the “new thing”. My parents are humble, we never wanted for anything, but we also knew the value of a dollar.  I am convinced if you wait and keep an eye out for something you want, you will find it and it will mean more to you after the search has ended. (hmmmm, that could be for both antique(ing) and love..) This year my birthday present was actually a full day of antiquing. Something about going in someones little treasure shop makes my heart warm. You never know what you are going to find, what story is behind it, and how happy that object made someone else.

Downtown Asheboro and the Robbins, North Carolina area were my latest hunting grounds. The beauty of that area versus my coastal home is PRICES! Holy cow, I cannot find a chair down here at an antique mall for under $80! go three hours north-west and I bet you can’t find 3 for $80. Obviously cost of living is slightly different, so its a real treat to go and see Matt’s family knowing I can sneak in some “antique therapy”. Make the entry into your home feel as if your mamaw should be in your kitchen sitting on your “cosco” latter chair. Go out today and hunt for that little piece that will make that dingy corner in your living room come to life! Find that Pinterest recipe, brew that tea and enjoy the little things in your own space.

Thanks for reading!


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