Ice Breaker

You know that feeling you get when you hear that new song for the first time?? It’s like “WOAH”, “I will now be playing this every time I get in the car, when I start that run, or get in the shower..” Well, I’ve felt that feeling for only 3 things in the last 23 years. First of all God. I am a Christian, faith having, God-fearing woman. And I know in today’s society, it’s really not the “popular” team to be on. But he has never failed me, and I will adore him for that. Anyways; the second being my GORGEOUS husband. He truly is all the qualities you would hand-pick for your better half . (You will soon read a multitude of words about him, in future posts. good and bad :p ) Thirdly, nature. Oh sweet nature, I do believe my soul gets quenched when I’m 2 miles into wooded trails. I have been on the back of a tandem bicycle with my Matthew, sunshine and the bluest, most clear sky embracing me with its wind. I remember thinking “This is it, I want to experience more moments like this. I have to!” The best decision we’ve made together was honey mooning in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was there that we both acknowledged how much we enjoyed being “out”. Sun, rain, snow, warm or cold.We found our common niche, and I am forever thankful.

I feel like I am somewhat introducing myself with this first post. I am so excited to start a blog. Not only for our travels, but for me. I have always clicked more with words. Honestly, I’ve wanted a blog just to have somewhere to put thoughts that wasn’t a Facebook page, and maybe just maybe someone will relate. If only one person relates with me or needs the words I put out into the universe that day, it would make me so happy. So hello world, I’m eager to spill my guts to you!

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